How a Nail Making Machine Makes Nails

May 08, 2023

Many people may not understand the process of how a nail making machine produces nails, but the technicians at Bysen Machinery will provide you a brief introduction.

First, the cold drawn wire with the appropriate diameter is fed into the fixture through the wire feeder. Then, the nail machine clamps the wire using a series of transmissions, such as cams, to punch the nail cap. After the cap is punched and the clamp is closed, the punch applies pressure to the clamp direction, resulting in a punched out nail cap. During cutting, the nail knife cuts the length of the nail and the tip of the nail while pulling the punch back through another cam. It is worth mentioning that the nail making process is subdivided into these stages, although the machine can produce more than 300 nails per minute, which appears to work seamlessly.

Daily maintenance of the nail making machine is crucial for prolonging its service life and ensuring the pass rate of nails produced. This reminder is mainly for novice friends in the nail making industry. After installation, the machine should run without load for half an hour to run it smoothly. During this time, frequent refueling is necessary to ensure the proper lubrication of all moving parts. Lubrication is also essential in daily production, and each shift should receive no less than three oil injections. Before starting the machine, add some oil and continue to inject oil throughout production. Loose screws in different areas of the machine should be checked, as vibrations from the machine operation may cause them to come undone, leading to various equipment malfunctions if left unfixed.

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