4 reasons why the nail making machine tool damages quickly nail making machine

Apr 20, 2023

In the production process of the nail making machine, it is often encountered that the service life of some customers' knives is short. Some customers are also complaining that they have to be replaced after not being used for a long time. There is also a reason for this. The nail making machine manufacturer will introduce to you 4 common reasons for the rapid damage of the nail making machine tool.


1. Material, excellent material


If the material is too hard, it will cause the tool to wear quickly; the material has defects such as dust inclusions and seams.


2. The reason of the tool itself


Some cutting edges do not meet the requirements. It should be noted here that the applicable cutting edges are also different for materials with different hardness and strength.


3. The machine adjustment is not in place


The clamping force is insufficient or too tight when the wire feeder knife or wire feeder roller feeds the wire. At this time, we should adjust the wire feeder knife so that the wire feeder can reliably feed the wire, and replace the worn parts of the wire feeder.


4. The pay-off frame is not suitable or the rotation of the turntable is not flexible

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