12 safe operating procedures for nail making machines

Apr 20, 2023

1. Strictly implement technical regulations, do not operate in violation of regulations, ensure safe production, and understand the principle, structure, performance, and use;


2. Lubricate each lubrication point of the nail making machine, no less than 3 times per shift, and check the lubrication of each transmission part frequently;


3. Before starting the nail making machine, the flywheel should be rotated for one week by hand, and the power can be turned on only after making sure that there are no obstacles, no loose fasteners and no unsafe hazards;


4. After starting, the machine must be in normal operation before turning the handle of the incoming line to make nails. When parking, the incoming line should be stopped first;


5. During normal production, check the nail quality, length, straightness, nail cap, nail tip, nail knife and nail mold wear frequently;


6. During the operation of the nail making machine, pay attention to the temperature rise of each friction part and the occurrence of abnormal noise;


7. Do not adjust the workpiece during the operation of the nail making machine;


8. When the equipment is running, it is strictly forbidden to touch the running parts of the transmission with hands; when parking, it is strictly forbidden to brake the flywheel by hand, and it is strictly forbidden to stop the punching slider at the top dead center, so as to avoid boring the car;


9. When repairing equipment or electrical appliances, first disconnect the power supply, and hang up the sign that someone is working, and it is strictly forbidden to close the gate before maintenance;


10. Keep the nail making machine clean, the nail mold should be cleaned frequently, do not use raw embroidery wire to make nails, and keep the nail knife sharp;


11. Do a good job in the daily maintenance and maintenance of the nail making machine according to the regulations; make it tidy, clean, lubricated and safe;


12. Do not drive with the protective cover removed.

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