Hefei Foreign Trade 2.0 Enterprise Digital Summit

Sep 05, 2023

Hefei Foreign Trade 2.0 Enterprise Digital Summit:


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The moderator declared the meeting open:

1, Global Tradelink Group President Chen Jianxu (organizer) speech

2. Huang Lijie, Deputy director of the Party Working Committee of Hefei High-tech Zone, delivered a speech

3. Dean of Business School of Global Tradelink Group conducted relevant analysis of foreign trade industry

Market distribution: The demand in developed countries continues to be sluggish, the US market has the greatest uncertainty, Central Asia and Russia demand is strong, and the Belt and Road countries continue to exert their strength

Market players: Some of the production capacity of multinational companies has shifted to Southeast Asia, the proportion of private enterprises has been increasing, and the performance of small and medium-sized micro enterprises has become more and more active

Trade mode: The proportion of general trade continues to increase, and the export of new three types (electric manned vehicles, lithium batteries, solar cells) has grown rapidly

Future forecast: Exports will recover quickly

Some of the more personal feelings,

1. To do foreign trade, we need to adjust and optimize products, change from manufacturing to science and technology service, strengthen intelligence and digital development.

2. Strengthen the foreign trade development of Russia, and Russia may become China's top four export trading countries by 2030.

3. Keep pace with The Times, strengthen scientific and technological content in products, increase service investment, strengthen social media and independent station construction in publicity strategy, increase brand effect and accumulate precipitation customers.

4. In recent years, China's foreign trade industry has been growing, and the state has also given strong support. In the future, more policies will be introduced, which is conducive to the development of foreign trade of private enterprises and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. If the direction is right, we will be able to make foreign trade bigger and stronger.

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