Advantages of Extrusion Nail Making Machines

Mar 15, 2023

Advantages of Extrusion Nail Making Machines

The extruded nail making machine is used to produce nails for carpenters. It consists of a pair of rolling rings with die rings in the middle. There is a set of auxiliary rollers around the rolling rings to define the center line of the rolling rings. The inner roll is installed on the circle of the rolling ring. When the rolling ring and the inner roll rotate, the nail blank installed in the nail die hole on the die ring will be pressed out of the nail cap by the inner roll.


Because the nail cap is extruded, the noise is low, and because a pair of one-piece rings are used as rolling rings to replace two specially made large and medium-sized radial thrust ball bearings, it simplifies the nail. The pre-clamping equipment and the design of the nail mold, so the production cost is low, and it is beneficial to marketing and promotion.

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